Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Why I Love Blogging!

                      Blogging - The Cure to Every Problem!

What is Blogging? 

In Simple Words -

blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("posts") ."

For Me ,
It is Something More , Something Bigger , Something that can't be put into words.
It is Love. It is A Relief from life's Up's and Downs. It is A Friend who lets me Omit my worries and brings a satisfaction that we connect to you . I am not alone. I Feel secured , I Feel blessed.

How It All Started?

One Typical Afternoon when I was looking for motivation , I accidentally came across "MissMalini" ,

I used to find this name quite - a - times during reading Celebrity Interviews but never really payed attention. This time it was to strike a chord . I Immediately looked up for it , And Bang , I Came across A Beautiful Blogging Adventure that spread it's arms to gather me in with a moisture of comfort and all Chirpiness. 
This Place -> http://www.missmalini.com/

P.S - This post is for the contest i.e -> new Mega Haul that has been launched on MissMalini's site which is a treat for every blogger ,
Do check it out , Not only to win , But to learn. 

Link ->  http://www.missmalini.com/mega-haul/

Myself Exploring the World of Blogging! :) 

If not for words , Pictures don't lie , Right?

This Picture is the Happiness that my face and eyes dwell in while my hands are constantly typing , connecting with the keyboard and my heart - It's Pouring feelings on the screen ahead ,
that is to be communicated to the whole world :)

" I Have A Lot to Learn Still , But Journey of A Million Miles starts with A Single Step ,
So , Blog to Share , Blog to Experience , Blog to Have , For The greatest Pleasure is in Giving and Learning ." 

I Shall Continue my Journey of Blogging for it gives me peace , It gives me Joy , And that Smile is here to Stay.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Future Of Shopping!

                               THE FUTURE OF SHOPPING!

It is 2013 ,
Shopping has become a Delight .
It is No More a Pain in the Ass.

10 Years Back ,
We all remember Our Mother's Complaining , "Who Will Get Ready and Go To The Market?"
Now , It's all done on One Click.

Online Shopping Sites Like Flipkart , Myntra and eBay ( http://deals.ebay.in/chrome/ ) have made it more than simple to get our desired product at our doorstep in no time without any pain in the legs.

As We Progressed Till Online Shopping in 2013 ,
2030 Will See The Dawn of a New Era.

First Assumption -
SHOP Button on the Keyboard -

Yes , No More Waiting to Open the Site , then check on the Items and Add them to The Cart ,
Just Click on The "Shop" Button , You will be Redirected to the desired location.

Second Assumption - 
Your Command will Bring the Product Out on your hand -
This May feel a bit too Much to think ,
But Hey , Who Had thought years back that we could Shop on the Computer and something like Internet would be invented .
So Just wait for the day when you just say , and A Hand pops out from the screen with your product bay. 

Finally ,

Third Assumption -
Shopping Cart With A Mouse - 
Just Click on the Go , And the Products will start to appear in you Shopping Cart. 

I Conclude By Saying ,

Now Just Laugh At the Confusion , Spare a Thought to the Assumptions and Be Proud For Being a Shopaholic Human .

*This post has been written as a part of the "Future of Shopping" contest by indiblogger in association with eBay. You can instal the eBay shopping extension by accessing the link: eBay extension ; stay updeted witht the latest online offers with eBay.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


                                                                   I AM EXPLORER! 

Off I Went towards the Extreme Part of Mother Earth ,

A Journey into thee began , 
There was Lava all over , Red Smoke Flowing in the River ,
No Flora , No Fauna ,
All I could see was Destructed Creatures.

But I Won't Stop , I won't look Back because ,

"Tu Na Rukega Kabhi , Tu Na Thakega Kabhi , Kar Shapath , Kar Shapath , Agneepath , Agneepath , Agneepath "

As soon As I landed ,
I Saw A Pond of Ice ,
Hotness in the Air was contrasting with the Cooling Ice Spice ,
The Explorer in me dived in it swimming across to the other side .


I Had to get to the SAFARI STORME EXPLORER EDITION  ( http://www.tatasafari.com/ )
My Feet increased it's speed ,

But In-between Me and My Safari came an Unknown Specie ,

I Fought with it , Kicked it and Reached my Safari to Hug it and sit in it.

Together we went through hills and towns , smiles and frowns ,

Water , River , Ponds , Nothing could hold us wrong!

The Hard phase came too , DUST All over we ran into!

Muddy Mud came after ,


We crossed it all.
We came over.
We came out Strong.
Safari Storme and Me , We both were Shining perfectly as Glee.

The Journey made me Proud with a Crown.
The Crown of "THE EXPLORER" .

P.S -> This Post is written as an Entry for Indiblogger's "I AM EXPLORER" Contest.
Visit -> http://www.tatasafari.com/ for more details.

Food Love!


Khaana Hain toh Jeena Hain!

The Above Lines are beyond perfect.

There is food ,
So we live ,
There is food so we breathe ,
There is food , So there is an Addiction to Celebrate an Occasion.

From Cheesecake and Cafe Mocha in Starbucks, 

To Yummy Home Made Dum Aloo Sabzi 
I Proudly Say ,

"In Food I found Love"

No Boyfriend , No Money can satisfy me ,
More than My Food does to me!

Foodie Now , Foodie Forever! 



Such is the Blanket of Memories ,
They take you to those days you want to feel.

They make you feel how blessed you are ,
They take you to days you don't want to see.

The Good Memories bring the Good Time ,
The Bad Memories Bring the Bad time ,

What should be remembered it they are gone ,
Why should you bother again!

Let go off them like the wind!
Let go them off and make a new beginning! 

Living Life!


A Piece of Cake , A Delicacy Made ,
An Apple Lie , A King Size Lie ,
A Drama to Begin , Smiles to be seen ,
Life is More than the Games of Heels,
Life is Love that's Not Always Seen.

Sometimes Life may put you all on top ,
And the Other Moment,
It may drop you down the shop.
Just One thing should you always remember,
Love Life and It will be Your Best Friend Forever.

In You My Friend , I Found Life!


People may come and Go ,
But Friends shall always remain so!

They are true , they are blue ,
They are Always With You!

Sometimes sharing that Besan ka Ladoo ,
Sometimes cooking each other's favorite Palak Paneer.
They are your Raanjhana , They are your Heer.

Friends are there to pick you up 
From where Love threw you down.

You have friends ,
You have the Crown!

Dedicated to my Best Friend Megha Rathore who has been my Backbone since 7th grade in School :)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Creating Happy Travellers!: Creating Happy Travellers!

Creating Happy Travellers!: Creating Happy Travellers!:                                                                              Creating Happy Travellers! SINGAPORE  If there is He...

Creating Happy Travellers!


                               Creating Happy Travellers!


If there is Heaven on Earth , It is in the City Of Singapore! 

From Singapore's colonial core, with museums, statues and theaters, not to mention restaurants, bars and clubs to Miles and miles of shopping malls ,
From The newest feature of Singapore, dominated by the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort to The newly opened Gardens by the Bay ,
And From Bugis and Kampong Glam to Chinatown ,
This City is full of Smiles converted into from frowns! :) 

My Family Consists of Only two People , Me and My Mother.
After I lost my Father at the Age of 11 , 7 years ago , There has been No fun , No Travel , No Luxury.

Recently , We were watching a Popular Daily Soap "Diya Aur Baati Hum" on Star Plus where the Main Lead Hero Suraj and his Wife Sandhya go to Singapore to take part in a Cookery Competition.
We were in awe of the Beauty of the Place even when we were miles apart just astonishing from the this side of the T.V screen.

That Day , I Had made up my Mind , that  I will take my Mother to Singapore and -
-> After landing on the Singapore Airport , We will go to Marina Bay Sands Resort where Life will be captured in smiles and memories made to save them in pictures.
-> We will then discover the yummy food served and designed there , give our taste buds a treat and relish the seat!
-> Then , the whole trip of sight-seeing , bikini beaches , clicking pictures , will continue .

I Will buy gifts for my Mom , Friends and relatives .
Those moments of Joy will surely be a treat to our busy days spent alone.
We can't enjoy or give time to each other , but Singapore will bring us Closer.

It can't get better than being associated as a contest player with 

This is going to be her reaction when I win her a trip to Singapore 

While we will leave for Singapore , It will change to 

So , There is Promised Fun , There is Promised Relaxation ,There is promised rebinding of love and there are non-stop memories to be made ,
Waiting for "SINGAPORE" To call us on our fate!